Terms and Conditions (GTC)

  1. In the case of inpatient rehabilitation measures, the municipality of Oberammergau will charge a tourist tax of € 2 per night.
  2. The invoice amount is payable upon receipt of the invoice and must be paid within 7 days after receipt.
  3. In the event of a delay in payment, arrears may be charged at a rate of 5% above the basic interest rate per year (§ 288 BGB) as well as dunning charges of € 10.00.
  4. If no cash payment is made, a valid EC card or credit card can also be paid electronically. Payments can be made to the accounts of the house.
  5. The recalculation of services not included in the financial statements and the correction of errors are reserved.
  6. A set-off against contested or non-legally binding claims is excluded.
  7. The place of performance is Oberammergau.

§ 1 Leave of absence

Leave of absence is not compatible with stationary hospital treatment.

§ 2 Recording and Data

  1. For each patient, a medical history is kept and a medical final report is prepared for the doctor who is to be treated further.
  2. Medical history, in particular medical records, investigations and other records are the property of the health center Oberammergau. Patients are not entitled to return the original documents. Deviating legal regulations, as well as the right of the patient or a commissioning of the records, possibly to the transfer of copies at his expense, remain unaffected. The same applies to the obligation to provide information from the treating clinician.
  3. The processing of the data, including their transmission, is carried out in compliance with the legal provisions, in particular the provisions on data protection, medical confidentiality and social security.

§ 3 Items brought in

  1. Money and valuables are to be kept in your room.
  2. Any abandoned items will be transferred to the Oberammergau Health Center if they are not collected within 12 weeks.
  3. Paragraph 3 shall not apply to the objects of inheritance as well as to money and valuables held by the administration. The storage, distribution and utilization of these items is done in compliance with legal requirements.

§ 4 Cancellation fees

The cancellation fees are:

  • 4 weeks before arrival 30% of the stay price,
  • 2 weeks before arrival 50% of the stay
  • and from 1 week before arrival 80% of the stay.

§ 5 Limitation of liability

The Gesundheitszentrum Oberammergau is only liable for the loss or damage to any items which remain in the care of the patient or from vehicles of the patient parked on the property or on a parking lot provided by the health center Oberammergau in case of intent and gross negligence.

§ 6 Entry into Force

These GTCs will come into force on 01.06.2016. At the same time, the preceding GTCs lose their validity.


We hereby confirm that the health center Oberammergau

  1. Is a private health institution approved according to § 30 GewO and who is eligible under § 6 and § 7 BHV,
  2. The requirement pursuant to § 107 para. 2 SGB V is fulfilled and a supply contract according to 111 para. 2 SGB V (we have a contract with social insurance funds).
  3. Only to persons who are in need of stationary treatment,
  4. Is supervised by the competent health authority Garmisch-Partenkirchen,
  5. The treatment by authorized, permanent physicians prescribed and supervised, as well as a permanent medical care ensured,
  6. Is a hospital which carries out special medical treatments (for example by means of physical therapy – baths, radiotherapy, etc. – or by means of special forms of nutrition) and the necessary facilities, as well as the appropriate nursing staff,
  7. Is a hospital which is spatially connected to an accommodation facility,
  8. The lowest daily rate (Rehabilitation) for the single room is € 125.00 and the double room is € 125.00 per person.
  9. The lowest daily rate (Connection therapy) for the single room with € 185.00 and the double room with € 185.00 per person.


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