Therapies - Exercise Therapy & Physical Therapy

Therapies - Exercise Therapy & Physical Therapy

Exercise Therapy


Have the goal to preserve or restore the movement and functional ability of the body, eg. As for back pain due to dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system, after miscarriage, overloading or lack of exercise.

group exercises

Heart Group: to improve stamina, strength and agility.

Lung Group: breathing exercise, breathing and respiratory drive steering.

Spine Group: for mobilization, stabilization, strengthening and stretching the spine.

back exercises

Used for prevention of back pain and its treatment. The aim is to provide for a back-friendly behavior and to strengthen the other by different exercises abdominal and back muscles and provide concepts for relaxation.

Water aerobics

A joint-gentle whole body workout, training of balance and coordination. The water resistance training is 5 times more effective than on land.

Manual therapy

Used to strengthen weakened muscles and joints. Active and passive stretching of shortened musculature, general mobilization.

Ergometer / cardiovascular training

The aim of this training is to measure the physical performance (ergometry), respiration, changes in the metabolism and cardiovascular function.

MTT Medical training therapy

Exercises on the unit to improve endurance and muscle building.

Pelvic floor exercises

Perception of the pelvic floor, tensing exercises.

Vein gymnastics

Used for strengthening, stretching and movement.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking referred fast, dynamic walking using two special poles. Through the use of these sticks, the whole body can be trained Nordic walking. Especially the muscles of the upper body are amplified them.


Poor postures and movement sequences to be made aware of and replaced by better and healthier.


Physical therapy

Classic massage

The classic massage loosens the muscles, promotes blood circulation and provides more comfort. Recommended this is combined with a natural mud pack.

Connective tissue massage

This massage technique bonds are loosened in the tissue, it creates a pleasant feeling liberated.

Underwater jet massage

The underwater jet massage is performed in a bath, some with an adjustable water jet, partly with the therapist's hands. By these treatments, muscle tension to be resolved.

Lymphatic Drainage

Decongestive, z. B. with venous insufficiency or to assist in detoxification therapies.


Is a pain treatment that uses low-frequency current. In acute and chronic pain.

Red light

Improve local circulation.

Natural mud pack

Used to loosen and relax the muscles. The heat generated in addition a pleasant sense of wellbeing.


Indications: Diseases of the heart, hypertension, vascular disease.

Hay flower bath

Neuralgia, sciatica and rheumatic complaints.

Valerian bath

Insomnia, nervous tension, anxiety and tension, muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant effect.

Lavender bath

General circulation disorders, chronic cold feet.

Chamomile bath

Inflammatory skin diseases, poorly healing wounds, hemorrhoids.

Rosemary bath

Poor blood circulation, chilblains.

Eucalyptus bath

Skin blood circulation, colds, bronchitis.

Spruce needle bath

Muscle relaxing.

Melissa bath

Nervousness, insomnia, menopausal symptoms, functional heart problems, poor skin perfusion.

Spruce needle bath

Nervous complaints, insomnia, non-acute rheumatic complaints.

Ammertaler Hay bag bath

Counter joint pain and inflammation, eg. As arthrosis.


Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, stimulates the body's functions.

Kneipp cast

Improve the circulation effect.


In Respiratory Diseases.

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